Organisational Development based on Gestalt.

Originally developed by Fritz Perls more than half a century ago as a powerful new approach to personal change and growth, the Gestalt approach itself has developed and grown. The principles of the Gestalt approach can now be found in the best Organisation Development programmes.

Gestalt brings a unique perspective to organisational issues. Perhaps surprisingly, one of the core ideas of the Gestalt approach is the basic human drive to achieve our goals, whether physical, social or emotional. At our best we make sense of our world and adapt creatively to get our needs met. These basic human motivations are often covered up or disguised to avoid exposing uncomfortable realities.

The emphasis on awareness, responsibility and contact, the focus on detailed observation with a rigorous separation of data and interpretation as well as its emphasis on exploration and experiment combine to create a powerful set of tools for development and change.

In complex systems the Gestalt approach recognises that there must be multiple realities and encourages direct and open contact. The clarity and insight generated enables the rapid resolution of conflict and the opportunity to achieve rapid change.

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