Introductory Gestalt OD Programme held in London

We have just completed a 2day introductory workshop for organizational practitioners offered as part of the Organisational Programme at the London Gestalt Centre, which received a lot of recognition and praise from participants.

The workshop focused on 6 basic Gestalt concepts including:

  • How we choose what’s important – Figure and Ground
  • Gestalt approach to motivation and achievement – The Cycle of Experience
  • A critical tool kit for understanding what’s going on – Awareness
  • The power in being fully present – Being Here and Now
  • Tuning in to the wider system – Field Theory
  • Contact and action – the Gestalt Experiment

The group of highly skilled participants included OD practitioners as well as corporate managers and HR experts and was extremely well received. Some of the comments made by the participants:

“I had an excellent two days” – Manager Renewable Energies

“Tony and Christina held the group really well and did not get in the way – I am really interested in a more in-depth course” – HR Manager local governments

“Clearly thought out and logical – I feel better informed, clearer about a theoretical frame and more confident in my awareness of self and group; in a world where trainings become increasingly tick box and narrow, Gestalt practitioners and trainers seem to remain head and shoulders above the rest in terms of the depth of what is on offer!”

“Unexpected benefit from having a great time with a great group of people, starting a network and feeling “back in myself” at the end”